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Humm Kombucha

Kombucha brewed with love in Central Oregon.“Humm is more than a word. It’s even more than a sound. Humm is a vibration. Humm is the sound of happiness. Humm is music. Humm is the rhythm of the universe.”


Mizuba Tea Company

Pure farm to cup Uji Matcha green tea. Mizuba's exceptional-quality Matcha is renowned for its wonderful health benefits and excellent flavor profiles.



B-line bring us organic produce daily via bicycle. These folks are the BEST!



Water Avenue Coffee

Roasted with precision and crafted in small batches in Portland, OR. Water Avenue coffees are harvested with care - organic, sustainable and well above fair trade prices. Many of their coffees come from woman-owned cooperatives throughout the coffee growing regions. 


Hummingbird Wholesale

Based in Eugene, OR, Hummingbird Wholesale provides us with quality, organic bulk foods such as legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, vinegars and sweeteners. Products are sourced carefully and with integrity, considering the sustainability of farming practices, nutritional value, and special dietary needs. Hummingbird buys local and directly from the farmers whenever possible.


Windy City Organics

Premiere distributor of the finest raw, vegan organic products on the market. 


HealthForce Nutritionals

A 20+ year-old therapuetic superfoods company. We love their VitaMineral Green, Spirulina, and MacaForce, and Warrior Food Protein. 


Jasmine Pearl Tea

Since 2004 they have been importing and handcrafting specialty loose-leaf tea blends in Portland, Oregon.  Their teas are harvested and blended in small quantities, which allows them to share the freshest rare and seasonal teas.

Steibers Farms

Steibers Farms is a 3rd generation family owned and operated natural, free range, and organic egg farm. 


Pacific Coast Fruit Company

USDA Organic, providing us with the freshest and healthiest produce available in Oregon and Washington.


Organically Grown Company

Stewards of sustainability, Organically Grown is committed to environmentally conscious agriculture.


 Earthly Gourmet

Portland, Oregon based wholesale distributor of vegan, gluten-free and raw gourmet foods in Oregon and Washington.


 Happy Mountain Kombucha

HMK uses Tea Chai Té, a local Portland tea company to brew their delicious Kombucha blends.  Some of our favorites are the …